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Just like many others here, I too was hacked, robbed, and used to do illegal activities in the game (guy used my account for gold selling). I asked the support staff if there was anything to be done to restore my account back to the way it was. The support guy on my case didn’t seem to know that they could do a roll-back and still hasn’t gotten back to me even though I provided the exact time of when I was last logged on before getting hacked, and provided the account restore faq link.

I’m wondering if many staff members didn’t get the memo that they can restore lost stolen goods through an account restore.

Also I didn’t think about this until afterwards but after I recovered my account (about 2 days after it was hacked), since I still hadn’t received any word from the support guy, I started making donations to my friends/guild mates that I do stuff with constantly. My logic behind this was if the support guy can’t help me, then I’ve just helped out people that are awesome with what little I had left (hacker wasn’t smart enough to clear out my buy orders on the tp but still took the cash from what he sold and never raided my collectibles tab). And if the support guy CAN help me out and roll my account back, I’m assuming everything that was affiliated with my account would evaporate (except for everything sold from the tp, those guys weren’t guilty in any way and so shouldn’t be punished).

Srry for rant. I guess what I’m asking is did I inadvertently compromise some of my friends by trying to be nice?

And lastly, how long does it normally take to get your account reverted? It has been about 4 days now since the hack and the support really hasn’t said anything yet.

“We understand how frustrating it can be to have your account accessed by someone other than you, and we are sorry you had to experience it. Below we’ve included links to a couple of Account Security web-pages. They both have tips and tricks to help improve your computer and account security:

I see now that your account is working perfectly fine and you’ve recovered the access. So, is there anything else you would like us to help you with?"

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If this hasn’t been resolved, please post in the “Tickets for Review” thread above. Individual posts aren’t the way to go, but getting into that thread will get you on the review list.