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The Problem
As exploits concerning the use of terrain in Arah to skip / avoid certain parts of a path keep popping up, I’ve noticed that the solution to preventing the abuse of them is to place invisible walls in the “problem” areas hoping to halt their use.

But wouldn’t it be better in the long term to just fix the triggers so that you have to complete the events in order to progress to the end of the dungeon?

How Events Currently Work

It seems that how the events are triggered currently has to do with the npc which you take along with you… meaning that the events of other paths won’t trigger because you don’t have the correct npc with you. This also means that the event areas are often triggered just by having the npc with you at the moment you enter the area. (ex path 4 lupi event will trigger even with dead npc, but the event wont be completable unless you enter the fight while npc is alive).

Example: Path 3

This path is a problem area that I’ve noticed in the past, here is how the event triggers currently work…

A) First boss must be completed before second boss will trigger (working)

B) First and/or Second Boss must be killed before Lupi will activate (not working)

C) Lupicus, first 2 bosses must be killed in order to kill and trigger the final 2 events (finding the chicken and ritual event) (not working)

So in this case the entire dungeoncould potentially be skipped to the final boss as long as you get there with the npc. And there are ways to do it… through terrain exploits.

My Suggested Solution

My proposal though much more time consuming than simply placing invisible walls to prevent exploiters, would be to change how the events are triggered by making them sequentially triggered so that you are “forced” to do the dungeon in proper order.

A —-> B —-> C (in the above example)

This would halt the terrain exploiters in Arah from simply skipping entire sections of the dungeon by exploiting, and would potentially save time in the long run by removing the need to constantly add in invisible walls.


Any way, let me know what you guys think. Too be honest I don’t know how difficult it would be to recode this stuff, but i know it would save development time in the long run by fixing the root of the issue rather than all these invisible wall bandaid fixes.


Fix Event triggers to remove necessity to keep updating the dungeons with invisible walls.


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The sure-fire method is the one you describe, and the one put into practice on Honor of the Waves explorable paths. It is a two-part fix though – to block the area off that is prone to exploit, and then fix the events so they don’t trigger when not intended.

We’re working on this issue in all our dungeons.