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My fathers account was terminated for suspected botting. He has never botted. That was 12 days ago he got an email today and this what it said.

“We have detected that your account may have been accessed by an unauthorized individual. For your security, further access to the account has been suspended unitl this matter can be resolved. To restore access to this account, please contact Support and one of our representatives will assist you.”

What I don’t understand is nothing was wrong with his account pre termination none of his gold or gear was gone. Is this a case of we didn’t make a mistake it was the dirty hackers who did it?

His form access has been blocked as well now.

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Support will help your father, you can be sure of it. And we do “own up” when we make an error. There are many cases where an account is hacked and not stripped immediately. Sometimes it’s used for botting or for advertising gold sales and the RMT company leaves the inventory intact, at least at first.

But something happened and I believe that the account truly was accessed by a third party. Well, unless your father flew to, say, China and accessed his account, and then magically appeared in your home a few hours later and accessed the account again.

We have security measures in place that (1) block botters and (2) block accounts that appears to have been compromised. Sometimes the botting is detected before the hack, but I really think that both happened. The team will be happy to help you get this sorted and re-secure the account.