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I know that the topic appears needlessly redundant, but it seems to that – assuming hacked account restoration is as much a concern as certain posts lead one to believe – there should be some differentiation between the general nature of the already-existing thread, which covers a very broad range of support tickets, and how quickly it is “refreshed” by people in a situation similar to mine (which is apparently much more common than I had anticipated).

While I will not speak for others specifically, my initial ticket (Ref #: 121223-002525, the title of which contained the phrase “account hacked”) was met with a response regarding resetting my password via serial key verification, almost as if the title and contents of the ticket were glossed over entirely. The title of my ticket was changed by this first representative to “Access Lost,” an undoubtedly misleading header to a far more complex issue.

(Potential TL;DR bait to come)

The second, far more frustrating “solution” to my ticket, which had been listed as updated with my account pending restoration, contains the following text copied from the email as follows:

“Thanks for your patience during our investigation. After taking a look at the game logs, I found that your account was accessed prior to December 1, 2012, which is before our restoration tool became available. Please understand that the restoration tool works by creating a “snapshot” of a player’s account when the server data is regularly backed up. As these “snapshots” were not being created before December 1, 2012, we do not have a valid restore point for your account and will be unable to restore any items or characters missing before that date.However, I have gone ahead and transferred your home world back…"

Again, I am unsure if any part of my ticket was read or considered, as part of the details I included was the exact window within which my account was (in some order resembling this) moved from my home server to a French-speaking European server, each character stripped of its valuables down to all that could be salvaged or sold, and all of the account’s valuables were then removed. By the time I realized what had happened, after a failed login attempt prompted me to notice the connection of a foreign (and obviously unauthorized) IP address on the other side of the country, it was too late.

Now, that being said, I would be able to understand if the supposed “snapshot” required for account restoration were inaccessible had my account been inactive, but having personally logged in on a near-daily basis between November 31 and December 22/23 (the date of the reported incident), I find it difficult to believe that the “solution” I waited over a week for is effectively “sorry you lost everything, but you can keep playing if you want” from the same company that I remember suspending sales of digital game copies due to overwhelming demand.

The apparent disparity in customer satisfaction/loyalty aside, I very much doubt that a GM can access/view any log related to my account and come to a conclusion aside from something resembling what I initially submitted, and consequently updated with a decent amount of detail, in my original ticket. I was logged in the days adjacent to the implementation of the Account Restoration Tool, and enough days afterward to know that if any account has a “snapshot” of it, mine is certainly one.

Apologies in advance for the thread length, ranting, and probable mis-placement of such a thread/complaint. The ticketing/support system is very much overwhelmed, that much is clear. What is not clear to me is why hacked accounts and their respective tickets (by ANet’s own admission it would appear, based on the response I received) are being brushed aside, ignored, or very clearly mis-resolved in an ostensible effort to not actually address the issue(s) at hand.

If you made it this far, and are in a similar boat to the one I find myself, please help make it clear to anybody reading that (holidays aside) waiting a week per invariably failed attempt to resolve these tickets regarding very obviously hacked accounts is unacceptable. I must stress however that this thread is intended only to separate those whose support tickets meet the criteria as stated in the title, and not lump these “high priority” cases with those which can/are much more easily dealt with. Thanks.

P.S. As posted by Gaile Gray in the “Account Issues, Tickets for Review…” thread, the status of my account was most recently “121223-002525 In queue for restoration,” (searching the forums for the ‘In queue…’ phrase returns a total of four tickets apparently addressed similarly) which would indicate to me both that the review stage had been completed and a “snapshot” did indeed exist.

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We have a Tickets for Review thread that you, yourself, have used. That thread will address any issue contained in these comments. Therefore, as you pointed out, this post is redundant. Please work with us in using the proper thread, and in not creating new ones that do not contribute to efficiency or improved handling of tickets.

Thank you for understanding.