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I bought the game and was downloading last night.
To my dismay I see an email the next morning that says:

City: Jinan
Region: 25
Country: CN

tried to login.

I can login and changed the password.
My question is how the heck can it be so fast I have not even entered the game yet.
What is the best for security.? email or mobil
Is there any better way to lock the account and have minimal fear of hack?
Thank you.

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Assuming that you are not located in China, then you’re on the right path: Authentication is the way to go. Here are some links for you:

For questions about E-mail Authentication, see this post.

For questions about Two-Factor (mobile) Authentication, please see our FAQ.

Check out several tips on security.

And for a detailed outline on the subject of security as it relates to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, please see Mike O’Brien’s article on account security.