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Regional FlagA Grisly Shipment [Bug]Source
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During this quest there are some weird trigger points.
“Place the ghost fire charges in the hold”
I cant find more specifics on where to put the charges, so where are you supposed to place them. I placed alot of them and all of a sudden the quest continued.

“Escape from the burning ark”
When you should go to the main deck, not “Escape the burning ark”.
And also here you need to go exactly on the right spot on the stairs up to main deck, if not the quest will not continue.

“Get to the ark’s highest point”
This at first i could not find, because i missed the stairs going up.
Once i found it, i fell through the stairs and got stuck in the wall.

So, now i need to restart it again… Urch!

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#3 -

I can’t reproduce this error. You used skill 1 on the charges? Merely dropping them won’t advance the story step. After planting 4 charges it should proceed.

EDIT: The objective is marked as completed in the screenshot, so I’m not entirely sure what’s happening.

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#6 -

In the screenshot, you’re not at the ark’s highest point. You can’t be evacuated if you’re inside the building.