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Just started playing the game again for the first time since a couple weeks after launch. Didn’t seem to have any problems then, but now the client crashes randomly with the attached error (Had to save in a txt file because I guess I went over the character limit here). I have no problems in other games, I’ve tried -repair, and I have AOE effects or whatever enabled. I’ve looked through the forums a bit, and have yet to find a solution for this but I apologize if it’s out there already.

System specs:
GTX 670
8 gb ddr3 1600
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
*Using 306.97 drivers, haven’t updated because I’ve read pretty negative things about every release since.

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Hi Afterglo

The issue seems to be driver related which you can see listed next to “Module” in the crash log you provided:

Module: nvd3dum.dll

I would first recommend a clean installation of your video card drivers.