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Hi all! Today i bought GW2, and i’m trying to intall game, but i can’t:

When i run ‘’Gw2.setup.exe’‘, it starts to download, but when it finishes, nothing came to screen, and i can’t procede with game installation, it simply ends.

I try all of things in wrote in the guide like:
- turn off all firewalls and all antivirus protections
- Run file as administrator
- run file downloaded by official website

I am registered to the website and i create my account with secret code, i have all of system requirements to play game, my dvd reader is ok, cd is perfect.

Someone can help me?


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Hi Corso – If you’re using a Radeon 9550 this is likely due to the fact that your graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements. In some situations players can still install if their card fails min specs, but only if their processor exceeds the minimum requirements. If all other hardware on your system barely meets and your graphics card fails, you will be unable to complete the client installation.

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More than likely it is due to your video card just judging from the symptom’s you have described in addition to the system specs you have provided.