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GW2 main page (not forum) contains a call to page at address d.xp1.ru4.com. This address redirects to xplusone.com

This is a known address silently distributing malware according to Google, OpenDNS, WoT.


This is what Google has to say about the domain:

quote: "Of the 5 site(s) we tested on this network over the past 90 days, 1 site(s), including, for example, xplusone.com/, served content that resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.

The last time Google tested a site on this network was on 2012-12-28, and the last time suspicious content was found was on 2012-12-28."

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Thanks for the heads-up. To clarify, GuildWars2.com includes images/pixels that help track activity related to our promotions and advertising. This helps us measure the performance of our advertisements on websites around the internet and understand how successful they have been. This tracking pixel does not redirect to the xplusone.com domain, but only displays an image from there. Hope that clears things up.