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I’ve linked my GW1 and GW2 accounts and yet the orb that your supposed to receive to teleport to the hall of monuments does not appear in any of my characters inventory, so after acquiring the orb in Lion’s Arch I teleported into the hall and spoke to the historian but all he says is ‘Only an ancient hero can quest for this glory’. My total rank in my hall of monuments calculator was only 8/50 but I’d still like to get my bonus gear.

Any help appreciated!

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You might try this:

Log into Guild Wars and speak with the Kimmes the Historian in the Eye of the North, choosing either “Show me my account’s accomplishments,” or “Show me my personal accomplishments.” After you have done that, you can log out.

Then, log into Guild Wars 2 and speak with the ghostly Kimmes the Historian in the ruins of the Eye of the North and see if he’s got your items for you.

If you still don’t see your rewards at this point, please take a screenshot of Kimmes’ dialogue and submit it with a ticket detailing what you’ve done so far, so the team can take another look at this issue.