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This morning I logged into my account, double clicked my main toon and received this message pop up, “You must change your name before you may continue.”… confused, I double clicked again and it came up again. My character’s name is Soylentt Green — I see nothing dirty or offensive about the name (We’ve all seen toons like Lango lol asslasschaps running around), but for some reason the name has been flagged. I’ve been using this name in every MMO I’ve ever played since UO without an issue,had no problems with it throughout all the GW2 betas, and I’ve been fine up to this point. So why now? What’s wrong with my name? (And before anyone suggests copyright infringement witness all the Langolas’s, Daenerys, Raistlins, etc that are wandering the world….. I’ve placed a ticket with support but I don’t expect a response before the end of January and then I expect to have no satisfaction. I don’t really know what I expect from this post either, maybe just some insight from the community.

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Today my account was suspended for the name Smashed Azzhole…wasn’t warned, just suspended for 71hours.

This is way too heavy handed, should be made to change the name instead.

The Naming Policy is the warning. Allowing you to choose a new name is a kindness (where some games immediately rename any and all offensively-named characters).

If you honestly think there’s nothing wrong with “creative spelling” for an offensive word, then please review the document so you do not make the same error in the future.

Another example of how Anet doesn’t try to educate its players so they can avoid / correct their mistake. It makes people second guess every single thing in-game and instill a sense of worthless fear. All it does is gives itself a bad name and doesn’t help the player to grow and learn from his/her mistakes.

Change your name to what? What’s wrong with the current name? Will the new name be yet another mistake?

Keep your player in the dark. Yeah, that’s the best way to help them.

How do you suggest we “educate” them? Maybe by.. having a Naming Policy, publishing it on our website, and making frequent reference to it in the forums? Yes, that ought to do it!

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Hello everyone, sorry it’s taken so long to respond, but I finally got satisfaction today. Soylentt Green has been released from captivity and he is once again wandering the realm! Thank you ANetfor being so reasonable and understanding about my request. So here you have proof that a name change can be successfully appealed.

For all those that supported my appeal, thank you! For those that didn’t…. well.. all I can say is this… Don’t accept the inevitable. It’s okay once in a while to go ahead and fight rather than just lie down and take it! Peace out my GW2 brothers and sisters

We are reasonable people. And thank you for your update — it’s good when people post the “final chapter” so that others know that things do have a tendency to work out just fine. Enjoy SG’s romp through Tyria!