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I’m writing on behalf of a friend who hasn’t been able to log into his account. He had trouble finding a password that met the parameters when first creating his account, but finally settled on one that fit. After downloading the client he tried to log in but was told the password was incorrect.

The password recovery system was absolutely useless because he hasn’t yet created a character (for obvious reasons) and couldn’t fill out that field on the form. It wouldn’t even let him use a character name from his Guild Wars 1 account, even though the two are linked.

He tried password recovery on the original Guild Wars client but that was just marked as ‘unavailable’ and he was forced to open a support ticket.

I appreciate that ArenaNet tries to keep account information secure and makes it harder for people to hack, but the restrictions on password selection and the ensuing pain to try and recover a lost one seems a step too far. At the end of the day, if someone gets their account hacked, it’s probably their own fault.

Hopefully my friend will get his ticket answered soon but my suggestion would be a review of the password recovery system, perhaps adding an option for an account without a character. Many thanks.

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Are you talking about a Guild Wars account? Character names are not required in GW2.