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Regional Flag[Bug] Last Stand - ruining materialsSource
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Using a warrior, when this trait (that makes you stable when hit with pull, knock down…) activates while gathering resources, it ruines anything gathered after the activation.
I checked it both with wood and ores.
Since one of the main reasons to use this trait is to make smoother resource gatherings in places like Orr, having it ruin anything you gather on activation seems as stupid as something can be. Probably an easy to fix bug though.
Oh, and also, the description of the trait doesn’t include the cooldown period, as it does with other traits or effects with activation.

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Thanks for the report. Although Last Stand does interrupt the gathering animation when it activates, it doesn’t interrupt the harvesting process so you’re still getting the correct amount of loot from the resource node (easiest to tell if you disable autoloot, though you will see items popping up above the minimap anyhow). So feel free to keep harvesting with this trait if you don’t mind the animation bug too much.