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so i tried to add a comment to the “botting and what were doing about it” thread and found it was locked…understandable considering the sheer number of reply’s that thread had but seriously, i remember reading where it said that you guys were caught up to the point where you were following bot reports as they were issued, yet clearly in-game there aint a shred of evidence to support that claim as i have clearly seen 3 same bots farming charged loadstones/cores everyday for the past week during the christmas period in cursed shore and repeatedly reported them, yet there still there. Whats that all about? there clearly bots u don’t have to be a dev to see it really just spend literally 20 seconds at their farming spot @"bitter mountain" poi to see that….

Hows a player to farm anything with reports not being followed up. :/

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As we’ve said previously, we investigate all reports. We collect all those player reports, investigate each one, and use them to collect data about botters. We tend to terminate bot accounts in waves, rather than one by one. So yes, we are following up on reports, but just because you still see botters in the game doesn’t mean that those accounts are not being investigated.