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Regional FlagI reported two players, two months ago.Source
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http://youtu.be/WwYjwYKCKXs (It is to see unless it is 1080p quality.)

Obvious botting & cheating… Same path 24/7, same mobs, same people, same route… Every day, every hour, they are there botting and collecting loot. And I just reported them again a couple of hours ago. This time however, I made a video.

It IS the same people that I reported last time. I wrote their names & location of botting down on a piece of notebook paper by my computer to remember them.

I feel as if I’m the only one reporting players for cheating to have the easy life while I’m stuck here working my butt off with farming and dungeons only to get mediocre results.

They have been botting here for two solid months and my reports are ignored. I’m starting to ask myself if maybe I should start botting, too. If botting reports are being swept under the rug, then the fear of getting banned is nonexistent.

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We’ve mentioned before how we deal with botters, that we tend to terminate their accounts in waves, and that we collect user reports in aggregate to help us investigate their accounts. We need data to do this, and your reports really help the team. Just because you still see them in the game doesn’t mean that we aren’t in the process of investigating their activities.