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I play a Mesmer. The staff # 2 ability, phase retreat, has often put me in trouble, by blinking me into an area where I can’t get out.

Well, now my main storyline was kinda ruined. Let’s just say that I was inside a cave, and while trying to get out, even doing the /stuck thing, my NPC… Companions, cleared the entire cave and progressed the story without me being able to experience what was going on.

I’ve thus missed out on a form of climax to the current main storyline. I couldn’t exit through any portals, so I just logged out and hope that I’ll log in later to a reset instance of the quest, or that I’ll somehow be able to leave the area and do it from scratch.

I tried to google for a command in order to force the game to reset the quest, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Or at least, I haven’t been able to find one.

Any insight?

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I’m not entirely sure I understand the situation… If you completed the story step, that’s it, no going back. If you didn’t complete it, logging out will reset the story instance.