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Ok so my plan has been to go through one of every race with a different profession. So human and Char now done I’m just starting Sylvari. I’d obviously seen them out in the world but have only just now taken a good look at them.

My comment is really simple, I think there are lots of cool things they could have done with a plant race and so to make it a humanoid made out of plant shapes and textures seems a bit of a cop out. I know the lore supports this as the Pale tree was placed on human graves and also they were intended to look humanoid to better communicate with other races.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the way they look but like I’ve said. There is so many other interesting plant themed race ideas to go at. So I’m wondering was the choice to go for a more simple design brief simply down to time constraints or was it a choice born from what you actually wanted to deliver in terms of the look of the final version?

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Ayeup. Electro, Danikat and Tauril have it correct. There were a lot of considerations with technical and aesthetic requirements that needed to be met. And it wasn’t easy to figure out a middle ground between the ethereal/elf-crowd and the treant/ent followers. I’m impressed you noted those asymmetrical faces, Tauril. ;} They were nearly as far as I could push things while still trying to stay attractive on some definition. Heck, even now you’ll see camps of people saying they’re straight up ugly while others say they aren’t ugly enough. They are supposed to be a beautiful race… I did my best to stretch that line as far as I could to include more than just standard beauty features.

There is nothing cheap or easy way out about the sylvari design. They didn’t design them just once, they did it twice because the first design was not satisfactory.
Sylvari imo is amaizing with their looks and many options.
I find their design just perfect and I adore them.

About five times, actually. Concepts, mostly. You guys only saw two official waves.