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Kain Do Urden.7213
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I don’t know for other servers, but here, in Fort Ranik [FR], Southsun Cove is completely deserted by (real) players, appart some rare encounter of 1 traveler wanting to map the area.

What annoy me isn’t really that it is deserted by real player, but that is now filled by BOTS.
Bots everywhere. And I really mean “everywhere” !

Seriously, I just wander there for 15 minutes, no more, and I’ve reported more than 10 bots. Bots aren’t very bright and originals, so I guess you can find easily the same situation in nearly every other server, right ?

Dear people of Arenanet, if you just keep on observation just the Southsun Cove area, you could beat your score of 1600+ bots banned fairly easily in just less than a month.

Seriously, they’re just here, farming again and again, at the same places, without interruption with impunity.

I already report them, and I know they’re still there. I know because I added them to my contact list, just to know if my report has been heard.
Unfortunately, it isn’t, even several day laters and it’s really frustrating.
I don’t want to know why. But what I know is, if you really want people to get involved in reporting bots, don’t let them feel like they’re talking to a wall.

Now, you have probably a lot of post yelling against bot “players” around the same known area (Southsun cove, Frostgorge sound, Bloodtide coast, Gendarran Fields).
I’m at a point where I feel you, obviously, have, at least, “some trouble” to detect bots, even when we point them to you.
So, I feel like the little player I am could maybe some advice, because it’s becoming unbearable, really.

Why not keeping a constant eyes on some really well known bots area ?
Do many players keeps playing in the same map, in the same 1km (maximum) square of that said map, again and again, days after days, with the same character, with the exactly same fight scheme every minute, without any disconnection in more than 48 consecutives hour ?

Aren’t bot that obvious to recognize ?

And what the hell with Teleport hack ? I see a female ranger underwater just moving faster than a Jetsky with 5 quick teleport (I don’t even know how) 400 meters away from her original position in less than 2seconds.

Hell, it’s not like they’re so difficult to recognize just by the skills they used.
Ranger bot : always carrying a brown bear
Warrior bot : All the possible signet, with the Elite signet of Rage used everytime it is recharged and the bot engaged a battle or is still on battle.
Thief bot : Dual pistols, signets too and ‘Withdraw’ as the healing skills everytime their health fall below 30~25%.
Engineer : Turrets spam (mainly rifle turret and net turret).
Elementalist : Fire attunement, spam of fire skills.

I never see bots of Necromant and Gardian class.

I don’t know if it might help. But as you obviously need help, seeing how (let just face it) ineffective your anti-bot procedure is…

Good luck anyway, and I really hope that, if you don’t really care of my reports in game, you will at least listen to this message.

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Hello Kain.

We understand your message and we will forward it to the team today but rest assured that they are working on this issue since the beginning and will keep on with it. We would like to ask you to keep on reporting any botting behaviour as many times you see fit; your reports help us effectively with this problem and we appreciate them, as well as we appreciate your patience and support in this matter.

We close the thread now. Thanks for your understanding.