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Regional FlagIncrease the size of boon symbols on enemySource
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This becomes especially annoying when you are fighting a guardian for example because I really need to pay attention to their buffs (mostly protection and stability). But when they have every kitten boon up I have to literally squint and go up to my screen within licking distance just to see the kitten symbols. The symbols are far too small when there are many boons.

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While there are times where customization is nice, there is probably something we can do to alleviate this issue. The reason the buffs get so small in the first place is that there just isn’t enough screen space to show full sized icons without without wrapping them, and eating up precious vertical viewing room. I could imagine an option to show only boons/conditions similar to how simple party UI works. This way we would probably never have to scale the icons, or at least stacking them would only be twice as high as normal. Another possibility is to prioritize the scaling of icons based on target relation. Enemies have larger boon icons, allies have bigger conditions, etc. In any case, “Make them bigger!” isn’t a full solution, but I agree something more could be done with that piece of UI.