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Look I understand you don’t want topic’s opened regarding issues because 1 it makes you look bad and 2 it pushes down other issues but I think as customers we have every right to voice our concerns and let others see it as well as respond to it as well. First you guys suspend my account Liquidmetal.6825. Then I login with my other account and post a topic on the forums regarding my frustrations and how I was treated and now you close the topic. I want everyone to know how you treat honest players and I want to hear their stories as well. I just tried to log back in and now its funny you changed my error message to this.

Now you are saying you have detected that your account may have been accessed by an unauthorized individual. For Your Security, further access to the account has been suspended until this matter can be resolved. To Restore access to this account, please contact support and one of our representatives will assist you.

You see I know what you are afraid of is getting enough people to post honestly that they did nothing wrong and it actually creating some publicist or worse you get a class action lawsuit. Now I also created another ticket because I now have that new error message. 130104-002441

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You need to do a little reading in the forums and I think you’ll better understand what took place. Someone gained access to your account. They misused the account, and that became clear through our observations, or in-game data tracking, or through player reports. Let me tell you how it often goes down:

  1. Anet detects that someone has accessed your account.
  2. Anet blocks your account to try to contain the damage.
  3. In the meantime, someone reported the account for spamming gold advertising.
  4. So the account blocked for a possible compromise is then blocked for a breach of the UA. This is why you can see a changed message about your account.

So you may see “Your account was suspended; please contact us” and then “Your account was blocked for a breach of the UA.” That’s really the only messaging we can provide, because we do not know who is accessing your account — you or the hacker — so the message cannot be customized.

Once you get in touch with Support, an agent should look at the account and see "Yes, the account was used to advertise gold sales (or to bot or to otherwise cheat)’ and they should look further and try to see if it was also compromised.

Sometimes, based on when you get in touch, the response from Support says, “Your account was closed for cheating.” At that point, you simply should write back and ask for a review for a possible compromise. If they have not already checked the access IPs and other logs, they will do so, and the agent might then say, "Oh, ok, I see now that while your account was used for botting, it was out of your control at the time, was being accessed from a completely different continent. Upon learning this, the process is to remove the suspension for cheating (which you did not do) and restore access to the account to you, as the rightful owner.

The review for this can take a day or two, sometimes even more, because let’s face it, hackers are sometimes pretty clever at covering their tracks. Plus, we get a lot of RMT workers claiming they did not bot or did not advertise gold sales, that they were innocent victims of a hacker. (Frustrating, eh? We want to help the legitimate players, and the system gets clogged up with cheaters trying every means they can to fake us out and get back onto the stolen account… or get back on the account they purchased solely to cheat.)

So that’s a long explanation, but do you see how this happens now? We’re not out to get anyone, we definitely want to get our players back on their accounts, and we do not change messaging or delete posts to silence concerns. We deal with each situation on an individual basis, and work as quickly as possible to right the wrongs that hackers do to our players. (While also developing additional, optional protections such as authentication.)