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Just wanted to know if you send in a ticket to “make an appeal for an issue” do you always at least get a custom reply back about the decision. Even if it is yes you did it and you have to wait the listed time? The reason I ask is I created a ticket for a to issue over 3 weeks ago and never heard anything back at all. I found an answer later in the forums stating it is being worked on.

thanks to anyone who can answer this.

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If you did not receive an answer, then something went wrong. Even if an issue is being worked on — even if we cannot address something at all — we would want to let you know that. Could you post a few details and the ticket number in the Tickets for Review thread, so I can take a peek? I know you got the answer so I imagine I don’t need to respond to you here, but I’d like to see what went wrong that you didn’t get a response.