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3 Account was Banned due to Loaning and Donation of gold from our Guild-Mate

Reference # 130104-000963
Reference # 130104-000948
Reference # 130104-001034

Dear Admin,

I really don’t understand the system as in, it was set in such a way we couldn’t trade, leaving us with option to use Mailing to send items and gold.

And by Mailing Gold, we just got banned. First of all, crafting can help a player by leveling. Of cause, we obtained gold from Guild-Mate is to use for Crafting which was in small amount, not like few hundreds of gold, and was banned.

Could you tell me, if mailing gold is ban-able. What is the correct way to give and send gold? We are a group of player moved from our previous game and still playing together, Few of us just quit Guild war 2 for a long time, and recently we just came back to start playing since Christmas Eve, and we received help, we internally helping each other onto items, In the end, my 2 brothers and myself got banned.

Could you kindly remove the Mail system from allowing to mail gold, since player could be banned due to that? Then kindly provide us with a better way to send and receive funds? Or best of all, Could you add to your rules that Loan and RECEIVING ANYTHING in Mail is strictly not allowed. Helping each other in Guild War 2 is strictly not allowed. All player must be selfish and care for themselves.

Your banning reason are base on “Suspected”. It’s not illegal unless proven. So why are your system doing in such a way, I ban you first, talk later? How long does you Un-Ban depend on your mood, can be 1 days can be 1 weeks, can be forever, it’s like depending on your liking. No compensation, nothing for wrong banning? This is how you do your business and how you treated your customers?

Is it the cause that we purchase your games in the starting, so your company had thought that, yesh we earn your money, and now we ban you, there you go, bye bye, thanks for purchasing and shut off your door?

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You do realize that “I was loaning money to my friend” is probably the most common excuse that a RMT worker gives? Yes, players do give and loan money and they do it all the time and very few are actioned. However, when there are a lot of suspicious details involved, it seems very likely that the account was involved in innocent game behavior and blameless trades or transfers.

The first ticket I opened had several infractions. It was flagged for 3 infractions in 10 days. That’s pretty alarming. Then, it was been reinstated upon appeal twice. At some point, the “I didn’t do it” becomes less and less believable. Innocent players very, very, very seldom get flagged as gold sellers over and over again.

You are welcome to discuss this issue with Support. That is where this discussion properly can take place. Posting on the day of your suspension, in a heated and unpleasant fashion, really isn’t appropriate or fair, and it will not get you faster service or a greater likelihood of reinstatement.