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Slyvari Necromancer here wanting to join the Priory when they come up with a stupid plan to go raid a tomb or something.

Meanwhile the Order of Whispers which have been full of useless ideas up till this point, have a surge of brilliance and come up with a great plan, however, to use this great plan I have to sign myself up for life.

AND to make matters worse, IMMEDIATLY afterward,

Trahearne: I’m still not joining your order… but yes. I will lend my aid

Why in all of Tyria can I not say that?!

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It’s exactly the opposite. If the game just asked “What Order do you want to join?” with no background, that would asking you to make a blind choice. As it is now, they each present a plan that gives you a feel for how they approach things, and you choose the plan/Order that makes sense to you. The Durmand Priory likes to raid tombs, explore new areas, etc. So if that doesn’t sound fun to you, they’re not the Order you should choose.