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This forum subsection is clearly stated to ask questions about support policies. So any deletion, infraction, OR punishment given for this post will directly violate the given point of the thread. Please keep that in mind Moderators:

Having said that. I have just been reinstated to the forums from a 7 day suspension. Why? I was punished for “accusing other players of cheating”. Here is the exact email I received:

Your post in SOS/JQ/SBI-Week of 12/7 NonScore Discussion was infracted by a moderator:


Lets not get carried away, the reality is while guilds contribute some success to world ranking’s its the combination of all participants. SOS has well established wvwvw intensive and competitive guilds and i presume they will be placed no1 for a long time to come. Guild wars is still relatively new and now over the last month or 2 has ranking placments began to seattle to their natural equalibrium. Exagerating the extent of one guild only proves 2 thing’s 1) Your a e mindless fan boy and 2) You have little understanding about the mechanics of the game.

Anyway I’m looking to put a competitive wvwvw thief team together on SOS server. My account name is Yoda.9428, message me if your interested.

no offense, but thinking a team of thiefs can be classified as competitive is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Its like saying oh lets put together a team of snipers to enter an egg toss.

Moderator Note:

Accusing players of cheating is not allowed on the forums. If you feel a player is cheating while playing, please report them using the in-game ticketing system so our Customer Support team can properly investigate the issue.

Please refrain from making such posts in the future. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

You have recieved 1 Infraction Point. Infraction points may cause loss of privileges, including forum suspension.

Your message was deleted.
You have been suspended from the forums

NOW. I highlighted MY response to another players comment in BOLD so there is no confusion. Can any reasonable person read what I wrote as accusing ANYONE of cheating? I can’t. Yet I was suspended. There is NO recourse for my suspension.. I have emailed the [email protected] address, filed tickets, AND directly petitioned for help from Anet employees via the forums multiple times. The emails go unanswered, the tickets are ignored and the anet employees will NOT say anything but to email the address given, which is ignored again… from the feeling this gives me, they don’t care what happens on the forums, and are interested in keeping everything swept under the rug when it relates to how overzealous the moderators are.

The issue here is that there is NO way to avoid an unfair punishment. Arenanet has admitted the moderators are outsourced and “alien”, and NO one is replying to emails sent to [email protected] In situations like this where the moderator is wrong, and genuinely in error, you have no recourse but to wait till the suspension is up since you will not receive any help from Arenanet. Read down through the other forum posts. There are hundreds of other players suffering from similar situations on the forums and ingame. How is it so hard to step up and help us or answer an email sent TO you? So my question, is what is being done to moderator the moderators? You are aware of their overzealous attitudes at times. There were changes to the way moderators behaved a month ago, so what are you doing now to prevent this sort of erroneous thing from happening every day.

I’m more than likely going to get suspended or perma banned for this post as the moderators usually do everything they can to cull unhappy forums users and silence them from pointing out moderator abuse, so /salute forum users.


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Do you really think we went to the time, effort, and expense of creating a forum so that we could shut people up? Of course not!

If a moderator made a mistake, so be it. We’re sorry when that happens, and I’m sorry that you didn’t get a better answer to your question. But… a suspension ends, you’re back on solid footing, you’re posting again, and I think you should just, you know, move on.

And I’m going to lock this thread, which you may consider another error by a staff member, but I don’t really see this as being an account issue and I think this is a bit outside the purpose of this forum.