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So I recently bought a friend a copy of GW2 and suggested that she try linking her account to my GW account in case she could get my HoM rewards. This didn’t work, but I think it had a strange side effect; it changed my display name to hers! At least I assume that’s what happened. Either way, my old display name has been replaced with hers, although the 4 digits following it are what they used to be.

I contacted support about this and was told that it’s not possible for our display names to be changed unless they violate a naming policy, but that we might be given the option to change our display name in the future. So I’m stuck with my friend’s display name now? Please tell me something can be done about this. I read a post a little while back that the concern with players being able to change their display names is that it could be abused by people trying to avoid disciplinary action or something. That’s understandable, but can’t it be something like you can only change it once every 2 weeks? Regardless, if I’m stuck with someone else’s display name because of a glitch in the system, that’s pretty ridiculous.

Either way, hopefully this post is helpful in case this glitch was caused by the account linking attempt so that you guys are aware of it. If something can be done about fixing my display name, all the better. Thanks!

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If I’m reading correctly, you linked accounts belonging to two different individuals. And you have discussed the matter with Support and they have pointed out that they cannot assist you. I can think of a few good reasons to decline to resolve this issue as you have requested, reasons that you probably have not considered.

I will discuss this with the team and see if there’s a way to handle this situation, but I certainly believe we do not want to support the merging of accounts owned by two people, because that will lead to ownership disputes, which are a major pain in the patootie to try to resolve and which, in come cases, result in account termination, where no one gets access.