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Why are humans talking about being part of the Wyld Hunt? I thought Sylvari was the only race that went on Wyld Hunts.

I was in Sparkfly Fen in Fort Cadence and I noticed this conversation between a Hylek and a clearly HUMAN crusader.

Hylek says, “And you? Why Vigil and not Wyld Hunt?”

HUMAN Crusader 1: I have not yet received a call to my Wyld Hunt.

HUMAN Crusader 2: It is the same for me.

I’m like… WTF??

You can see the conversation dialogue in the screenshot attached plus proof that it’s really a human.

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This is most definitely a bug.

Humans can’t be “called” to a Wyld Hunt, although they may accompany a sylvari who has been called to one, and so they may be said to be “on” or “part of” a Wyld Hunt, but this would be confusing to most, so we would never say that with NPC dialogue. A true Wyld Hunt comes to a sylvari from the Pale Tree, and can be many different things, but it requires the connection to the Dream that all sylvari possess.