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Okay, so an hour ago, I attempted to buy the “Inquest Greaves of the Golemancer”, for my thief, using the tokens I was awarded from the “Crucible of Eternity” instance. Sadly, instead I accidentally bought the “Inquest Helm of the Golemancer” that is only for a heavy armor player. This is my first MMO game and I usually do not get upset about video games. BUT, the 4 hours I put into this game to claim those greaves and don’t get them (because of a STUPID mistake I’ve made) really frustrates me at the point where I don’t even wana play the game anymore. My question is, is there ANYWAY I can get a refund of the item (Inquest Helm of the Golemancer) I used to purchase with the in-game tokens from the CoE instance. Or is there anyway i can trade for the correct item (Inquest Greaves of the Golemancer). Please help, and thank you.

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The dev team is aware of these situations, and it’s possible that a “resell” or “do-over” button could be implemented. I do not know if that is planned, so please don’t consider this an official prediction or statement. Guess the key point is that the devs continue to play the game themselves and to review player suggestions and input on how to make the game even better.