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I have this huge problem, I havent played Guild Wars 2 since a week after the release, I stopped because i did not understand nothing. So today i decided to go back to GW2 since i read a bit about the game and i understood it better. So as soon as i open the launcher it says I was permanent banned for selling items for real cash. I have never done this i was level 10 and i don’t even know how to sell accounts/items. I have submited a ticket but everone keep saying that they don’t answer very fast. I just wanna play Gw2 again. I even paid the guide and i am a bit PO’ed by this. Thanks !

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Hello everyone.

OlmO, have you already sent a ticket to Customer Support? If you have not done so yet, please proceed to open one following this link; you will need to provide them with all your account details so they can revise the situation for you and sort it out. If your ticket has gone unanswered for three or more days, please, write the reference number and a brief description in the following thread.