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Sorry if this has been talked about many times already, i couldn’t find anything by searching.

I haven’t really been reading too many posts on the forums in a long time, so i was wondering if there has been any information about when the guesting feature is going to be added?

Ive been waiting for it since beta and i really want it while my friends on other servers are still playing, it is going to be useless if they release it when my friends have already quit the game. ( some of them already have) I can’t join their server because of my guild and because i have rl friends on my server.

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Hello Andrax.

We understand that your want to know when guesting is going to be available in GW2 and we would ask you for a little bit more of patience till it comes out. We do not have an ETA for it at the moment, I am afraid, but will inform all you you in due time should any change or update appears regarding this issue.

Thanks for your patience.