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writing on behalf of EsF commander that gotten his account banned wrongfully and top of that .. he cant even go to the forum to ask or follow up on this account. How a player able to follow up on forums ? to me. having the forum banned is way stupid. Anet guys.. you can’t expect the player to wait and doing nothing. Do something about this.

his ticket no: 130105-001314 (till now no reply)
reason: selling gold ( your auto account ban has flaw)

Truth: He took 20g from the guild bank and transferred to XXXXelf (EsF) for commander icon since he was short of 20g for the icon. I believe you guys are only 2 clicks away to find out.
how is that gold selling where all of the EsF throw in gold for the commander icon for the next player to be?

i think you guys better give a explaination or a quick unaccount ban on the above ticket given. Thanks

If in future, the guild wants to do donations for the next commander to be. How can the gold be transferred without getting banned ?

I would suggest you guys (Anet) have fund transfer for the guild bank or do something with ban system. If this goes on, Anet.. you guys will loose the community of players that is supporting the game. This ban is getting ridiculious.

My guild members will vouch for this for wrongfully ban on our beloved commander huggable.

your friendly
streamdevil (EsF, officer)

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Hello Streamdevil.

When was that ticket issued? If the incidence is quite recent, then you need to wait till Customer Support gets back to your commander, which will not take too much longer as the process of resolution for those tickets has speeded up. We understand the general frustration but this is the only procedure to follow.

Posting here in the forum does not really help. However, if he has been waiting for more than three days for an answer from Support, then we encourage you to post the reference number and a little description in the following thread.

Thank you very much.