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Just who’s side are you guys on ???

Thank you very much for the removal of my thread and the warning you just gave me. I guess I should not have been so stupid as to expect more from this games moderators, past unfounded infractions have proven that !

Moderator Note:

“Character Assassination is expressly forbidden via our forum Code of Conduct. Please refrain from this behaviour in the future”

‘Character assassination’ are you kiding me. This guy has already proven what kind of character he has/is by his actions, YET Im the one who got a warning.
Well being as your obviously in a foul mood already here’s another reason to infract me…

Kiss my BUTT ! ! !

You could simply have removed my post and said it was being looked into, instead you choose to serve me with an infraction ! ! !

Copy of original post sent by BETSTE.7391

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Investigate that (if you can be bothered)

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Hello everyone.

Phantax, the removal of that kind of denounce thread is because we would prefer to keep the personal denounces private. Scattering names and accusations publicly in the forums does not really help for obvious reasons. Simple as that; it is an example of character assassination and it requires a mod action in that respect.

This said, rest assured that the name of that particular user has been noted and will of course be investigated (I will also edit it from your original post, according to the reasoning explained above).

If you have any further appeals to make, feel free to send a message to [email protected] In the meantime, we proceed to close this thread.

Thanks for your understanding.