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I love when you guys threaten to leave because the meta is bad. I just wish more of you would follow through because my ears are hurting. I’m sure you’ll be crying at the next PVP game you try too.

If you read all the collective threads it’s obvious that every class is OP while being simultaneously nerfed into UPness. Even Jesus can’t manage that kind of duality.

What people are basically saying is they want 8 professions that are all exactly the same. Don’t play support and then complain that you can’t burst someone down. The QQers are trying to make GW2 into an old school FPS where the only choice is your skin. It’s not a 1v1 game so I’m fine with there being different roles to fill. Learn how to synergize with a team.

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for all your contributions and different points of view but this thread has derailed already and does not really offer a friendly setting to engage in discussions. Therefore we proceed to close it.

Thanks for your understanding.