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Hazal Birunae.6082
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Just a rather quick question. So I was looking at those armor skins on sale, and it said that they could be applied once to a regular piece of armor for aesthetic. However, before I fork over any dough, I wanna be clear on two things:

1. So can I ONLY apply the skin to ONE piece, or once to each TYPE of piece (i.e. I don’t have to buy the skin for EVERY item piece to have the full skin).

2. Is the skin transferable? Like, I can transmute it as much as I want after purchasing it?

I appreciate any responses!

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What Torqueblue and Bean said is correct. Each armor skin comes with 6 pieces that can be transmuted to a regular piece of armor for aesthetics. If you want to keep the look of the armor and find armor with better stats you can then use a transmutation stone to keep the look of the armor skin that you purchased.