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I’m utterly confused and fed up because right now I can’t pursue a support issue.

I sent an e-mail to ‘support@ncsoft’ as some FAQ told me to, and got this back:

A support account was created for you at the time you e-mailed NCSOFT Support (support@ncsoft.com). This account is required to correspond with support. NOTE: This is not your NCSOFT or game account login! It is only for support purposes.

Your support account username is: xxx
Your registered email address is: xxx

Where ‘xxx’ was indeed the e-mail address I sent from.

In the e-mail was this link:


where ‘xxx’ was the authentication string or somesuch. I clicked it, as far as I can recall it asked for my password, I gave it and all was fine.

Yet now for the life of me I can’t get back to it.

Clicking the ‘Log In’ link at the top of the help.ncsoft.com page and entering the e-mail address shown in that initial response then clicking ‘forgot password’ get me:

Forgot Password
We did not find that email address in our records. Please try again.


How can it not find that address when barely 48 hours earlier it had replied to me telling me an account under that name had been created?

Yes, I clicked it before 24 hours was up.

Yes, the ticket created by my first e-mail does exist, I can see it because a link in a follow-up e-mail to a second message I sent to ‘support@ncsoft’ takes me to a page showing there are two tickets, yet STILL if I try to use the ‘Log In’ button does the system insist I don’t exist?

I’m tearing my hair out here trying to understand this silly ‘support account’ thing. Why do I need this second account? Why does it insist I don’t exist when, using a link provided by that very system can I see I DO?

How do I get back to this list of tickets when I don’t have the e-mails with the links in?

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If you make a new support account, please note that you are doing so in your new ticket, and point out the 12-digit incident/ticket number(s) from any previous tickets.

I think that may be the way to go now. Please do not send an email but use the web form here and file a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page.