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Ok so I am not sure how many players are experiencing this bug but I cannot load into Heart of the Mists.

It crashes me to the desktop and i have reported the bug, when the game restarts, it asks me to verify my game files, i allow it to do the process, this takes almost 1 hr.

When it finally finishes, i go back in and it crashes again.

This happens to me in the following scenarios:
1. Heart of The Mist – Unable to load into at all.
2. Map Change, its crashing on random maps, last night i crashed on 3rd lvl of Fractal.
Today it crashed on a different zone.

I have also deleted my dat file, downloaded the entire game from scratch but it continues to give me the same error.

Can a moderator please help!

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Hi ZilentNight – Could you please attach the full crash report to the thread so we can take a look? You can locate this by navigating to Documents\Guild Wars 2 and it will be the ArenaNet.log file.