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Dear hero _
Merry Christmas!
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Seriously the flaming, whinning and other crap on the forums isn’t bad enough to have to sort through that now we are receiving emails from gold sellers ? I love the game it’s been a great release and fun to play even though I disagree with some things thats been done with the it. I had hoped though that these forums would honestly have been better than what you see at Guru or other larger fan sites but it’s failed miserably in being a spot where gamers actually come together and help one another. It’s happening but only if you’re patient enough to sort through all of the other crap thats here as well.

Should we be concerned that now we’re being targeted by gold sellers here ? It ruins the game and honestly these forums have enough trouble without this being thrown in the mix. What you see above is a copy and paste of a PM I received and if it has to do with gold selling I’m guessing it will not be the last. I sincerely hope this is something Anet can look into and stomp out or I’m done with anything that relates to this site.

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You can report PMs. Please report them via the Report function in the forum UI. The moderators will take care of it. Thanks.