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A friend bought the game few days ago and when he first opened the game to play it, he got a message showing that his account was suspended. He opened a support ticket but they still haven’t answered him. Is there a way to check for his suspension motive?


His name: Danilo Deverso
GW2 User: deverso.6173


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Your friend has contacted Support , which is great. Please allow a little more time to resolve this.

If he finds he still needs help after three days, have him post in the Tickets for Review thread, which is at the top of this Account Support sub-forum.

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According to what I have seen and read in this forums so far, there is an error window when you try to login the game after suspension / ban. This error window gives at least a hint to the reason for that special action.

Yes, a player will get a pretty informative message for most types of suspensions or terminations. There are exceptions, but when someone sees “You’ve account has been suspended for offensive language. You will be able to play again in XX hours” it’s pretty clear what took place.

Players are more than welcome to ask Support about any issues with their account, of course.