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So I just bought a mini jack-a-lop on the TP, I am not at all upset with my purchase, but the events that lead up to it, and the events afterwards too. are what disappointed me.

I don’t know exactly how long ago I posted a buy order on the tp (within the last few days), but it was for 170g, the highest at the time was 150g, and the sell order was 225g. The next day there was a new sell order and a new buy order, the buy order was higher than mine, and the sell order was 223g, So, I bumped up my buy offer in order to get on top and not have to wait for as long. Some time passed, and I saw that the person who placed that buy order above mine had also retracted theirs and put it above mine again. This went on several times until that player’s buy order reached 190g. So I put mine above their 190g and checked back a little bit later and saw another player had posted an order for 200g, so I decided that 23g wasn’t a huge difference at this point so I decided to buy it at the sell order price.

This is the interesting part, when I went to show it to my friends and guildies, somebody told me that it was only 150g, I said to look again because there were buy orders for 190 and 200g on there, and they said no, so I went to look, and those buy orders were gone, not even 10 minutes after I bought the mini.

It appears that the player or players that posted the buy orders were only doing so to bump up my buy order and to sell it at the buy instantly price, which creates a false demand in order to get people to pay a higher price for something that otherwise wouldn’t be as costly if the market weren’t controlled by a select few. I felt that 170g was a fair offer to make since it was quite a bit higher than the highest offer, and I know that there was the minipet sale the other day, I really only increased the price I would pay because I thought that there was actual competition to get the mini.

My question is, based on the rules of the game, does this count as scamming, and if so, what can be done about it?

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When you place a buy order, you are stating that you are willing to pay X money for Y item(s). The buy order is a contract of demand for that item.

Academically; from your perspective it shouldn’t be relative, you stated you were willing to pay X for Y and were successful. There is no such thing as false demand, because at any point while those orders exist they can be filled.