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Regional FlagArah path 4 (Seer path) broken!Source
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Yesterday we spent approx 5 hours doing Arah path 4, spent 2-3 of those hours killing the “unkillable” priestess of Dwayna, spending lots of money on respeccing and food to get our dps high enough. Then we got to last boss witch should be easy (let me quote the wiki: “The final fight has a small element of each previous fight but after defeating Dwayna who cares, you can conquer the world”), and lo an behold it was broken!
Cleared the mobs, moved kitten Randall to the Bloodstone shard, and nothing happened. That was such a kick in the balls I almost cried… I doubt the devs are gone award us with the achievement, so I’d rather spend the 20g some are offering for a run then do that crap again.
I attached a screenshot as proof of my rant

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Hello everyone.

Since the issue here has already received a ticket and an answer from support, we will proceed to close the thread. Remember that each time you report this kind of bugs, you are really helping us to create a better game.

Sorry for the inconveniences though.
And thank you all for your patience and reports.