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The person who bought it for me put my email address, so I got the order receipt, and I saved in multiple places. However, a friend of mine got a copy from her friend in the same way, except that it wasn’t her email but instead it was the person who bought her the copy’s email, therefore….for some reason, the guy contacted ArenaNet Support and used his credit card information and order receipt to terminate the account so she doesn’t have the game anymore…

So my question is, do you think that will happen to me? The guy who bought me the game was an online friend I met, but he hasn’t been online for like 3-4 months. However, he was a nice guy and he probably forgot about buying me this, and he doesn’t have the order receipt..so he wouldn’t be able to terminate my account in any way. Do you think it’s necessary to start my own account? It’s expensive to buy another copy with my own money, and I’ve played some time on my current account (not much, but like 10-20 hours).

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Myst, I wish I could give you an iron-clad assurance that your account would be fine, but I can’t. Someone else bought the account and that means he will have access to some of the information about it. Could you get it closed? I cannot say without really drilling down into the details, and I just don’t think that’s necessary.

I don’t recommend that you go and purchase an account right now, but if the actual purchaser does get the account closed, it’s true that there will be no way to turn it over to you, even if you played all the hours on every character.

So while I’d like to say “Sure, you’re ok” I can say so only guardedly, and then allow you to decide how you’d like to address this situation overall.

BoneDragon has a good suggestion for people who are thinking about giving a copy of the game to a friend. Buying a boxed copy and giving it, sealed, to your gift recipient is assurance that the account will be owned only and exclusively by that person. If I were ordering online, though, I think the way that Myst’s friend did it is the best of the options for online purchases… aside from sending a check and letting someone buy it online him- or herself.