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So yeah… Release day came and went… Months ago…

I made the character that I thought I wanted, but changed my mind and deleted it (wanted the same name on my follow up character). Having never played the game before then I was completely new and un-attentive to everything on the HUD, including my mail, which I never checked.

So I deleted my character without having realized my ONE and ONLY set of deluxe edition items were sitting there.

Just after that I made two separate tickets asking for the items to be sent again (both of which gave me cookie cutter responses not answering my questions or telling me whether or not I ever could get my items again). So just curious… It has been over four months since then. Can I get my items now or ever for that matter? I would very much like them considering I paid a premium for this version of the game.


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If you could post in the Tickets for Review thread, that would really help. We certainly can get these items to you.