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Not sure if this is the proper place for these questions but, I bought the regular digital copy yesterday from your website with paypal, and paypal has sent me a receipt saying that the transaction has been completed. So now i know you have my money, but my friend says he never received an email. I used his email so the code and link for registering would go to him. Firstly I’d like to know typically how long does this take?, and secondly how long does it take to hear back from NCSoft support? I also emailed them early this morning, and have yet to receive even a “we have your, email and will be looking into the problem” type response. So if someone could help me with those two time frames I would be grateful.

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I think you’ll hear much sooner than three days, but do let us know if you have continuing questions. But first, have him check “junk” and “spam” filters, and they often block mails, even important ones like ours.