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I’m having problems with the claim on my hall of monuments rewards..
My accounts are linked, and it’s saying that monument items are waiting for me >>

“Congratulations! You have successfully linked your Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts. In doing so, you now have access to the exciting rewards awaiting you inside the Hall of Monuments. The following Guild Wars 2 account information will now be used to log in to both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2”

I never obtained a teleport stone when i logged in/ created a character, so i bought one from the pirate..
when i arrived i spoke with the ghost in de pool, but he didn’t seem to now me/ i didn’t get any reward..
it’s a long time ago i played EotN and i don’t have it installed on my new pc.. AND i can’t remember my characters name, so i can’t use the calculator to see if i have a reward claim.. (I think i do)
Do i have to install guildwars on my pc, just to look if i have any rewards waiting for me, or am i doing something wrong.. or is it a bug of some kind??

I hope someone can help me,
Thank you

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This is what I said previously, and it’s worked very well for many players: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/account/Hall-of-Monuments-Linking-Issues/first#post1138342

If you still need help, don’t hesitate to file a support ticket.