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This is incredibly frustrating and maddening.
Notibly the Temple of Lyssa being the high platform that it is.
I’ve been knocked off that platform more than I can recount .. BUT
I’m okay with that issue even if the fall ends in my death..
However, here is the BUG that irritates the living stew out of me ….
NPC’s cannot be “knocked off” and suitably suffer the same consequences.
Rather than being knocked off the platform, they hit some invisible wall that keeps them on the platform, where they get up and come right back in my face until
I finally kill them …. or get knocked OFF the same platform by some hit from a trebuchet..
This is really a serious game bug. IF I’m going to get my butt knocked off such a high place, NPC’s should be just as vulnerable instead of this being kept on the platform by some invisible wall.

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It’s not a bug. Allowing NPCs to get knocked off platforms by players is just way too exploitable and prone to a lot of bugs. What if you need an item from the corpse, but it’s knocked into an inaccesible area? What if it knocks the NPC into an area they can’t escape, but they’re not killed? (This will stall any events/story steps) that use that NPC.

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Thank you for your feedback. Ultimately, this was a design decision made early on in game development and is not a bug. As such, this thread will now be closed.

If you would like to discuss this further or suggest changes to our combat system, please post in the GW2 Discussion or Suggestion forums.