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When I logged in today I received a message that I must rename my character before continuing. Apparently it was offensive. The name being used was Dumbarse. I’ve used that character name since I first started playing GW2 and on quite a few other games and no one has ever complained. I’m not sure who’s offended and what decade the moderators are living in, but you can listen to the conversations of a bunch of 3rd graders at almost any school and hear far worse language. I will change my character name and will probably continue playing GW2 for a little longer so that I don’t feel I’ve completely wasted my money. I will however not purchase any future Arena Net games and will tell anyone I know not to waste their money as well. I believe that Arena Net has the right to make and enforce any rules they want for any stupid pc reasons they might have, but I also have the choice not to buy their products in the future. I’m waiting for them to force me to change the name of my guild “Masticating Thespians” since someone might be offended by it as well.

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for all your insight and discussion. Kokoweef, you could certainly try to contact Customer Support to revise this action although do not build your hopes up that much. As the thread has derailed already and offers no real meaningful discussion about the game, we proceed to close it.

Thanks for your understanding.