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I just tried to pug a Fotm 30, and as we get to jade and my entire group stands near the middle after the second phase ends, agony pops with tentacles and they ALL die… in the middle of 3 tentacles.
So I go right on ahead and kill 2 close tentacles grab crystals and throw them at jade taking him to about 30% when someone starts saying
“hey man rezz”
to which I replied
“I cant you’re in the middle of 3 testicles not to mention there are 2 I need to get past just to get over there, Give me 2 minutes and ill finish him”
15 seconds later I find myself in LA… this is why everyone hates pugging and honestly really upset that there is no system set in place for things like that.

I can report someone for Verbal abuse but not that? really frustrating.

Anyways the only 2 names I can remember were
Scribin the Scribe — glass canon dagger thief who kicked me
Matthew Lahoc — glass cannon elemental who seconded it.

when need a list of people like this since anet doesn’t seem to want to punish it.

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Hello everyone.

We do not allow naming out characters or people inside the game as this could be considered character assassination. This said (and I will edit the original message), all incidents of in-game harassment can and should be reported to our Customer Support team using the in-game ticketing system (screenshots normally work pretty fine).

Just remember that like we don’t permanently ban anyone on the forums for first time offences, the same goes in-game. The more you report, the better the game world will be.