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Unrewarding, boring, and just about everything with it. Not even the dungeons get any loving anymore.
Just went to Orr with a friend to see what was up. (we where tired of doing WvWvW every single day) and it was empty. The entire map was empty, Oh Lord. Can’t do anything now.
I was here the first few weeks when Guild wars 2 was launched, and it was amazing when there was a large group getting ready to go.

I’m bored with Guild wars 2 PvE, i’ll just level up all of my alts through WvW since that’s what’s available now.

This is more of a rant, than a post. 5-6 months into the game, and map areas are already empty.

A suggestion would be to merge servers into 1, i don’t see many active players around anymore

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Hello everyone.

We are glad to hear all your positive and negative feedback; however, rant-like posts of a very personal nature do not offer the grounds for constructive discussions since they are, well, rants. We would like to hear all your suggestions on how PvE could be improved so do not hesitate in creating a thread in the Suggestions subforum for that matter.

We proceed now to close the thread.
Thank you very much for your understanding.