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nerf this nerf that?

how many good mesmers is out there truthfully that you guys are scared of?

everyone on my team beats mesmers on the other teams and you guys saying to nerf them?

how many good thifs out there truthfully that you guys are scared of?

everyone on my team beats thiefs on the other teams and you guys say nerf them?

L2P ppl its hat easy msg me in game if you need help i help everyone. i have never done finished a hotjoin match with more then 50 points in this game because i go in there to practice 1v1 and 2v2.

if you have trouble with a class find them and ask how to beat them its easy.

it took me a long time to find out how to beat hman 1v1 but once i did i havnt had to many problems with warriors in game. (secret is stay back)

this is not a 1v1 game every class has there own role in the game. i have been building teams sence day one and the reson my teams are always top teams is because not only do i know everyones role in the team but so does the team.

here is a secret i dont like to say but if it helps u kids stop qq ing here it is listen close

i am a mesmer i directly counter the other teams mesmer i watch everything he does. i know his portal time i know his cd on time warp i know were he is at all time and when i go to a group fight i destroy the mesmer to get him out of there.

L2P isnt a mean thing to say nor is newb all it means is new ppl that need to learn how this game works. some ppl are prics on this game thats fine but then there is ppl like me that will help you.

so instead of going into a match and saying “they have a cheap backstab thief” i want you saying “ok billy your job is to keep eyes on the thief all game”

TLDR : 1. stop qq ing and asking for nerfs,
2. L2P, by asking ppl for help, tips and tricks
3. figure out your and everyone in your teams role on the team
4. SAtaarcoeny is greatest mesmer (na and eu)

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Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for all your contributions and input up to this point. However, the last two pages of this thread have derailed in a very negative direction and they do not represent any longer a meaningful and healthy discussion to be held in the forums. Therefore we have decided to close it. Remember that provoking and condescending attitudes along with personal attacks are not allowed here and for good reasons.

Thanks for your understanding.