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Hey there GW2 Forum.

My Girlfriend and I decided we would join our other girlfriend on Devona’s Rest because of the deal going on. Me and sooperglu cannot receive mail sent to our accounts.

We have checked some of the major initial thoughts about how some people who upgraded their trial accounts to paid got a different account .#### we did not. We checked, double checked, then triple checked by having friends add us and report back the full username, checked ourselves et cetera.

We continually get, “Unable to find Recipient.” When trying to mail each other, mailing others and having people trying to mail us.

Going to submit a ticket on each of our accounts but wanted to start here since we saw nothing similar (Not the .#### issue) during our searches.

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I am going to move this to the Technical Support forum, so that someone with expertise in that are can help you. Thanks for your patience.