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In the Priory Quest Bad Blood: Search for the Sanguinary Blade my kid brother is on the part where he needs to go through the traps in the Mistirevin gorge or whatever the actual cave is called.

First, I want to say that the personal stories are one of my favorite things about GW2 (especially the asura quests). Also I want everybody to know that this is not a complaint thread. I understand that it’s a big game and it can be difficult to keep them all running smoothly and balanced. The game is young. Some of you love GW2 (like me). I get that. Please don’t troll me or flame me.

The Jumping Puzzle:

In the first section you are asked to walk across the top of a narrow bridge hiding behind walls when the winds get rough. You’re supposed to use the flags to see when to go.

Even knowing how to do this quest (on my second priory character) it was impossible to get past without getting blown off the bridge. The problem here isn’t that it’s challenging. I like the challenge.

In an MMO developers need to prepare for different levels of skill. My little brother though he can and loves to play GW2, couldn’t do this part. It caused him a great deal of frustration. This is not an optional jumping puzzle. You have to do it to finish your personal story for the priory.

There are a lot of little bumps and steps on the walkway where you are forced to jump. Some people, especially younger players, are not that good at the jumping part of the game. I will not go into whether or not the controls need to be adjusted or any of that stuff because that is a different conversation and even though they’re not great, they’re good enough for me.

Additionally, the wind doesn’t just knock you down. It instantly downs you and exits you from the entire cave. The problem with this is that twice I have been insta-downed at the end of the jumping puzzle, at Sieran’s feet. Which adds to the frustration.

Overall, it can be a very frustrating experience. I can’t picture my little brother being able to do it (he’s young not stupid). He can play the game very well for a thirteen-year old but the controls of the jumping puzzle, the many edges that keep him from just walking across and the sudden gusts of wind are just too much for him.

Here are my suggested potential fixes. Add a little flutter to the flags before the actual insta-down gust of wind. This will allow younger players like my brother to know when to go hide behind the wall (or at least to prepare them for restarting). Secondly, give more time between each gust or remove the step-ups so that it is possible to walk across.

That said, the second jumping puzzle part is perfectly fine since you can teleport across. You may be able to teleport across the first part but nobody ever will because they’ll be caught in a continual cycle of being ejected from the cave.

The Traps:

I loved the traps in GW1. They were seamless and well-designed. The traps in the hallway are very frustrating. I don’t know why. Most of the other traps in GW2 are fine. But these ones are lethal and basically impossible to avoid.

Every time I have gone through this mission at the end of the first section traps I somehow find myself knocked to the ground, almost downed at the feet of a son of svanir who gets at least one good hit in before I can get up. I don’t know how that happens but it happens every time. I suspect part of it is that I need a faster internet connection. (DSL sucks.)

This is again another part my kid brother cannot get past. I have to do it for him and even I die half the time.

To fix this would be pretty simple. Allow me to actually have room in between the traps to stand. I could jump over one and wait for the next one to pop up. As it is now, if you pause in between the traps you will get hit by the trap when it pops up because you are touching the little red circle. Another fix would be to just make them less lethal. They do a lot of damage. I’ve been one-shotted by trying to stand in between the traps, getting hit from two of them.

Skip It, Skip it Good

This is my final suggestion. Allow players to skip some of these quests that they find too difficult. What form should skipping take? I don’t know. Tokens, points, free-for-all I don’t know. But my brother likes the stories. He shouldn’t be excluded from participating in them because he can’t get past one. Please, ANet. Throw him a bone.

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During the initial jumping puzzle, if you fall off, you’re moved back to the start so you don’t end up in an area where you can’t continue. You can either use the #4 downed skill (Bandage) to revive and try again, or you can allow yourself to die and restart at the checkpoint, which is past the bridge. So it’s entirely optional, but not obvious.

For the traps, evade!